• Best Suited for Project based organizations; Lawyers, Teachers, Consultants, Corporates,
  • Weekly Employee Tasks at one Glance
  • Generate Graphical Reports showing Employees Efficiencies
  • Measure the Actual Time spent on a Task
  • Compare Estimated vs Actual time spent on a Project
  • Managers can monitor Project-wise Employee Performance
  • Improve Organization-wide Performance

Monitor Performance With The Few Clicks

Gone are the days when organizations used massive Time Clock devices to record the work hours of their employees. Their purpose was to record the number of hours spent by an employee within the office only. What those machines could not do was to calculate the efficiency of an employee or calculate the total hours spent on a task that spans more than a day or track employees outside the office.

As we enter the age of computers, the competition gets ever higher, deadlines become shorter and the stress to produce quality work in the given parameters decides the success or failure for an organization. Employees have to perform multiple tasks daily and the manager’s responsibility to monitor all those tasks and keep track of follow ups becomes complex and time consuming.

Time Trax is the modern equivalent of the time punch cards. It is designed for the specific needs of your organization. The purpose of Time Trax is not only to keep track of work hours spent in the organization but to measure the actual time spent on a task. Time Trax allows manager’s to spend more time on important issues instead of generating reports and calculating graphs and efficiencies of employees.

Benefits of Time Trax

  • Accessible Anywhere
  • Save Time
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Cost
  • Increase Security
  • Continual Upgrading

Time Trax is also presented as a Software As A Service (SaaS). This allows your employees to access and log their work hours from remote sites.


  • Creates and manages your annual calendar, includes national and company holidays
  • Easily keeps track of employee attendance and time sheets
  • Generates reports based on different time periods, projects, and clients
  • Emails reports to multiple recipients.
  • Centrally manageable
  • Creates customized task categories and their sub categories
  • Creates users for different departments of your company
  • Generate employee work efficiency reports and graphs
  • Online access from work or from site, allowing your field employees to clock in their work progress while on the move
  • Daily attendances of work force
  • Project wise work reports
  • Team wise progress reports
  • Multiple security levels


“Time Trax provided the ability to maximize our human resources. The greater degree of visibility, on the micro level, made it possible for us to gain the type of control over your projects that was not possible otherwise. A centralized approach allowed us to reduce our project costs, primarily though the reduction or elimination of duplicate effort. As human resources are by far the greatest cost of implementing projects, this was a substantial benefit. Nothing increases the frustration and cost of a project more than skills shortages, especially during peak demand periods. With Time Trax we could see our overall and specific project tasks and redeploy our resources accordingly.”

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