Imperial CBES



  • CBES Computer Based Examination System

    CBES is an online software application for Educational organizations to administer and manage their testing, learning and/or certification programs. The objective of CBES is to facilitate the examination department. The laborious and time consuming task of creating question papers and compiling results can be replaced with this intelligent software. CBES can be used by the following user groups:

      • Paper setters
      • Examination creator
      • Students

    With authorized access the Paper setters are allowed to enter questions in the question bank (Multiple Choice Questions) along with options and correct answers. Each paper setter has access to its own subject and imited to only its own question bank i.e. A paper setter is not allowed to see the questions being entered by other paper setter even if they are for the same subject.

    The Examination creator compiles the examination by defining parameters such as subjects to be included, number of questions per subject, total marks and total time. The CBES system then generates a question paper from its own pool of questions. This ensures that each students gets a different examination paper and thus reducing the chances of cheating and any other frauds.

    The students can take their examination easily while sitting on the computer. The result is compiled by the system as soon as students complete the examination. This reduces the time taken for creating results sheets and even merit lists.