• As a TEACHER Use it for classroom assessments to improve student learning. Plus, results are immediate and easy to analyze at the individual student level. The best assessments also serve as meaningful sources of information, helping you identify what you taught well and what you need to work on.
  • As a TRAINER Use it to carry out formative and summative assessments in various ways to help ensure that learning requirements and objectives are being met on a continuous basis. If you develop useful assessments, provide corrective instruction, and give trainees second chances to demonstrate success, you can help trainees learn quicker.
  • As a STUDENT Use it to start practicing on an online mock exam with real exam questions/topics set by your teachers. Get immediate feedback for your answers and get better scores in your actual exams!
  • As a PUBLISHER Use it to publish your tests so you can sell online practice tests to certification candidates, or if you are a textbook publisher you can make quizzes, diagnostic assessments and other study aids available on a charge-per-use basis.
  • As a RESEARCHER Use it to survey the market, by gathering information about what people think and help companies understand what types of products people want, and determine who will buy them and at what price.
  • As a CERTIFICATION CENTRE Use it to develop certification exams that can be taken on-line. Exams can be timed and a personal certificate may be awarded if the assessment is passed. You can also easily simulate certification examinations in format and content.
  • As a RECRUITER Use it as a tool for on-line skills testing for a fast, efficient, real time assessment of a candidate. With the built-in functions, you can quickly and simply analyze the results.

About CBES

Imperial CBES is a system for electronic exams enabling Computer-Based Assessment, and Computer-Based Testing that enables educators and trainers to create self-marking quizzes, tests and exams, assign them to students, assess their performance and analyze results. Imperial CBES is Web-Based, platform independent, tool that automates all assessment phases: authoring, scheduling, delivering, and reporting. It's easy to use and does not require expensive hardware to run, nor additional commercial software. Users connect to the Imperial CBES system using a common Web-browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

With authorized access the exam setters are allowed to enter questions in the question bank (Multiple Choice Questions) along with options and correct answers. Each exam setter has access to his/her own subject and limited to only its own question bank.

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Benefits of CBES

Some general advantages of Imperial CBES over the traditional Pen-and-Paper Testing include:

  • increased delivery, administration and scoring efficiency.
  • reduced costs for many elements of the testing lifecycle.
  • improved test security resulting from electronic transmission and encryption.
  • consistency and reliability.
  • faster and more controlled test revision process with shorter response time.
  • faster decision-making as the result of immediate scoring and reporting.
  • unbiased test administration and scoring.
  • improved localization with universal availability of content.
  • increased candidate acceptance and satisfaction.
  • evolutionary step toward future testing methodologies.
  • accessible at your own convenience.



Analysis & Reports

  • Question wise analysis of student/teacher performances
  • Batch-wise Exam results
  • Immediate result compilation

Role Based Security

  • Each tester views only its own specific topics
  • Authorization and approval of questions in question bank


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