About EMCO

EMCO Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Est. 1951) is a leading manufacturer of ceramic insulators in Pakistan. Their plant located at Lahore Sheikhupura Road, was commissioned in 1968 under the guidance of competent and seasoned engineers of NGK Insulators, Japan. With the active support of the personnel from NGK and Pakistani engineers, EMCO was producing quality insulators using mostly local raw materials. The plant is now manned by a team of highly qualified and experienced Pakistani engineers and over 600 technicians and workers. The company has a present installed annual capacity for the production of 6000 tons of insulators. EMCO is still the only unit for manufacturing high tension insulators in Pakistan and is not only supplying the entire requirement of the country, but is also exporting to developing and developed countries all over the world.

Imperial Soft has deployed and implemented Imperial ERP at EMCO Industries since 2007. Over the years the ERP has evolved and matured considerably. The ERP helps the business to keep track of daily purchasing, monitor sale of finished goods, production tasks and schedules, manage resources and allocate workloads. The system accommodates all the functional roles of the administration and can be used as the primary tool by administrators for the enterprise’s decision making.