About CBES

CBES is an online software for education institutions to administer and manage their testing, learning and/or certification programs. The main objective of CBES is to facilitate examination departments and save them from the laborious and time consuming task of creating multiple question papers and compiling results. Instead offer them an intelligent system having a cheaper and speedier test delivery for assessments. CBES is not only beneficial to exam setters, result compilers but students as well.

With authorized access the exam setters are allowed to enter questions in the question bank (Multiple Choice Questions) along with options and correct answers. Each exam setter has access to his/her own subject and limited to only its own question bank.

The Examination creator compiles the examination by defining parameters such as subjects to be included, number of questions per subject, total marks and total time. The CBES system then randomly generates a question paper from its own pool of questions. This ensures that each students gets a different examination paper and thus reduces the chances of cheating and any other incorrect marking.

The students can take their examination easily while accessing a computer. The result is compiled by the system as soon as students complete the examination. This immediate result saves examiner time taken for creating results sheets and generating merit lists.